Billy’s Best Friend.

by Callum B. Downes

Django, though weak and broken, shoved his sloppy tongue in Billy’s earhole and slurped up every last chunk of wax in there.

“Django!” Laughed Billy, grimacing his face in gleeful disgust. “You always go too deep, sucking my brains out and turning me gaga!” Billy scooped his dog up and scrubbed his entire head in ruthless affection, striding back into the bush, brimming with a new found confidence.

Author’s Note

Everyone needs a close companion during life’s trials. Here, Billy finds this comfort in his pet dog and only true friend, Django. 

This scene immediately succeeds Billy’s mad search for Django, after the poor dog seeks refuge during the flood. Billy is extremely relieved to find his long-lost pal, who later in the story becomes very important in pushing Billy to achieve his dreams.  

Peace and love, 

From Callum