A Love Lost.

Tears streak down upon my face, blurring my vision. My heart, slowly bursting within the vice of anguish. My mind, swimming. Reeling with pain. With great courage, courage I never thought I’d muster, I click the button.

“Save and Publish”

How can I go on without her? Surely, no other can cherish her as dearly as I. But there is no other way. I can provide for her no longer, let alone myself. There is only so much a man can give under financial pressures before realising their beloved deserves much more beyond their means.

“Your ad has been successfully published”

I’m out of breath now. My knuckles are bloodied and raw. Nothing remains but the hole in my heart. It matches the new hole in the wall. Nothing remains… But the memories.

Oh, the memories! My heart overflows with indescribable joy as I meditate upon such vivid images. Images of finding warmth within her grasp on a winter’s night. Of hitting the open road together, full of boyish excitement. Of sharing the load and her carrying my surfboard home when I was tired. Of making out in car parks. These moments in time will exist for all eternity within the depths of my soul. They are priceless. She is priceless.

“Hey mate, would you take $6000? Let me know ASAP.”

Why doesn’t anyone understand? Can’t they appreciate her sheer beauty? Those scars represent a full and vibrant life. Yes, she has aged and travelled far, but she’s still got that sparkle in her eyes. Even if they do require a slight realignment. She may be slightly damaged, but that’s just baggage from her previous lovers. They were both non-smokers, and her first was an elderly lady. They took great care of her just like me. She’s been kept in the garage her entire life and we made sure she was always locked up.

“Hi, wold u take 5000$ 4 ur car. Let us now plz”

No way, you illiterate jerk! That kind of dough won’t even last me till Christmas! I just need $6000 to survive until I start getting Centrelink next year. Why are people so picky? Sure, the exhaust does sound like Marg Simpson being slowly strangled upon take off. And yes, you’d have more chance unlocking Miranda Kerr’s chastity belt than unlocking my car with the one and only key. But she’s got character mate…

“hmmmmm. How about $5200?”

How about a punch in the face? But I could probably do $5500 for this old thing.

“I might give you a call back, but don’t hold your breath!”

Yeah, well you need a breath mint buddy! There’s no way you’re taking care of this hunk of junk!

Wow, seriously what a lemon. I can’t wait to get rid of her. What did I ever see in her? She’s like the car version of Frankenstein’s monster. I would rather drink her brake fluid then drive her again.

“Hey there, any chance you could do $4500 for the car?”

“Nah, sorry mate, you’re dreamin!'”