Gig Review: Sheerkahn @ Illawarra Brewery

by Callum B. Downes

A melting pot of blues and psychedelia, with a hit of grunge right to the face, their sound is as exotic and powerful as The Jungle Book’s fearsome tiger king that they’re seemingly named after. Growling vocals combined with heavily distorted bass lines ensure the four-piece outfit lives up to the infamous name, cementing their place alongside the likes of Tame Impala as one of the trippiest live bands touring the land.

Much like the movie, the majority of Sheerkhan’s fans are indescribably beautiful girls who would rather wig out to psychedelic rock than sway drunkenly to electronica in a dodgy nightclub. This ungodly ratio is due mostly to the attractiveness of the band members, whose steely gazes make Zoolander look like a slightly tipsy Susan Boyle, or any of those “no make up selfies” floating around cyberspace lately.

Unable to contain the palpable urge, the hips of the small female army swinged to the driving rhythms of this well-oiled rock machine, as countless jugs of craft beer were delivered centre stage to front man Timothy Scott, sacred offerings from the worshipping crowd.


Surf rock track, “25 Go-Go Dancers”, had the now cult like audience jibbing and jiving till they lost all conscious control over their bodies, possessed by dreamy harmonies and spellbinding guitar hooks.

Drummer, Sam Bailey, provided the thumping beat of “Loaded Gun”, which saw out the night, inspiring the band to flail uncontrollable across the cramped stage. Admiring fans whistled along to the infectious melodies as they lapped up the final dregs from their beer jugs.

A truly impressive display of thoughtful musicality and pure energy, Sheerkhan brought the house down once again and we can’t wait to have them back here in their hometown of Wollongong. Gee Whiz!

Check out Sheerkhan’s Facebook for tour info and downloadable music!