Gig Review: Sticky Fingers @ UOW Garden Party 2014

by Callum B. Downes


Restlessly lining up, droves of students anxiously tapped their feet to the distant, ever-present rhythm of the famed Unibar in anticipation of the loosest party on the UOW calender. The one and only, the infamous. Garden Party.

Unlike previous years, which have been plagued by overcrowding and stagnant cues, culminating in the disastrous refusal of entries at last year’s event, it was smooth sailing through the pearly gates of UOW, apart from St. Peter’s regulatory search of my dates bag, to which I replied, “There’s only a pinga or two down the bottom mate”.

“Wouldn’t mind one of those”, exclaimed St. Peter.

Classic UOW Security staff! HA!

Musical Nevada awaited the pilgrims inside, teed off by a twist n’ shout worthy set from Brisbane talent, Jeremy Neale, whose 60’s inspired numbers had the ladies swinging their hips and shaking their tail feathers. His hit single, “In Stranger Times”, sent the crowd into hysterics as they shouted, “baby, baby, baby, why-hy-hy, nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, something-ing-ing-ing”.

But everybody knew the real reason everybody was there. Newtown’s finest reggae-pop misfits, Sticky Fingers, were set to ride on their famed mellow, yet psychedelic roller coaster of a performance with the bidding punters of UOW.

Leading out with fashion statements that would leave Trent from Punchy glowing green with envy, the motley crew banged out a super mellowed version of “How to Fly”, a track that also preluded their debut album, “Caress Your Soul”, in 2013.

Bucket hats and Adidas tracksuits aside, the “Stickys” had their audience captivatingly tripping balls with them the whole way down rainbow road, thanks to killer renditions of “Bootleg Rascal” and their current hit single, “Gold Snafu”, which had fans whistling and swaying in homage to the effortlessly catchy guitar hook. Things turned down a notch with a heartfelt performance of “These Girls”, as the gents in the audience took hold of their date’s hips and reminisced of “the one that got away”.  Oh the Tragedy!

The lads brought it home with their reggae hit, “Australia Street”, during their encore, bringing down the foundations of the Uni Hall with them. Heads bopped in flamingo style unison during each verse and gentle sways complimented the spine tingling choruses, capping off a truly electrifying show that left us all with the cherished memory of front man, “Dizza”, gallivanting around stage without a shirt, sporting sunnies and a mo to rival the great late Freddy Mercury.

Thank you Sticky Fingers for a great night. We doff our bucket hats to you fine gentleman.